The Story Behind Starting My Own Company

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Hello everybody, Jewell here. You probably know how much I love branding and design (I mean hence why Olivine exists) but you may not know this about me: I never planned on actually running my own studio. (Insert ‘GASP’ here, what how could she say that!) I know, sounds crazy right?

But its funny how life works out and even if you don’t know it yet, it’s gradually pushing you in the right direction.

When I finished my Associates Degree in college, my plan was to finish out my Bachelors and when I graduated I wanted to work at a small design company and work my way up from there and then maybe, just maybe go out on my very own after a couple years. However, this dream changed.

There is so many little things that went into me making the decision of starting my own company that I hadn’t even noticed when they were happening. Throughout my first couple years at college, I wanted to take advantage of all the amazing opportunities that my particular college presented me with. We had phenomenal instructors who would teach you the world if you asked.

So I definitely asked.

And this caught the attention of many of my instructors. So incredibly so, that one of them approached me when she heard that a small design studio in Little Italy, San Diego was looking for an energetic, hard-working student to come onto their team as an intern. I was thrilled and so excited for the opportunity! I met with the business owner and we instantly hit it off!

She was inspiring, driven, and everything I could ever have wanted to learn from.  For the next months I was able to be a part of her design process and see how this kickass women ran her own company. I didn’t even see it at the time but she was slowly planting the seed that would eventually lead to be creating my own company. I hadn’t even realized before this how much I enjoyed creating branding for people.

I fell in love with bringing a company’s hopes and dreams to life.

Branding became so much more than just creating a pretty logo, I saw how great design could create a deeper meaning between a brand and their people. Its a beautiful thing when the right brand can make a customer feel a bond to your brand. They think “wow, they care about the things that I care about.” and this creates something special.

So after I graduated with my Associates my plan started to change, I knew from starting to work with branding and working for a women who owned her own design studio that I wanted to do what she did. I wanted to start my own branding studio and I had the epiphany, if this is what I know that I want to do, WHY WAIT. So many people who wait to start their dreams often less pursue them. I was determined to start my own company and do it right! I started to outline everything it would take to start my own company and began to make. things. HAPPEN.

I’m still constantly refining and perfecting but dang does it feel good to go after your dreams guys. When your dream becomes a reality, even if it’s still in the budding stage of life, it incomparable and I challenge all of your aspiring entrepreneurs out there to just GO FOR IT! You miss all the shots you don’t take, right 😉