Why I Am Dedicating My Design Career To Saving The Planet


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Climate change is a global issue that cannot be solved by one single individual, organization, or country. We must all band together to create lasting change for ourselves and the planet. And although not one person can save the planet, each of us can (and should) do what we can with what we have to make a difference. At least this is what I believe. 

The Backstory

But it can feel overwhelming to try to “tackle climate change”. I found myself asking, “How can I possibly help?” “I’m just one person” “How can I make a difference?” Regardless of these hesitations, I knew I had the moral obligation to do whatever I could to help in our fight for the planet. 

“I knew I had the moral obligation to do whatever I could to help in our fight for the planet.”

That was when I decided to combine my passion for the environment with my passion for design. Olivine then slowly focussed its mission on specifically empowering sustainably focused businesses that are helping to make a difference for the planet. 

Why This Change Was Important To Me

I found a whole new love for this new combination of two of my biggest dreams and felt more empowered than ever. It was then that I realized just how much of a difference I could make as a “Green Designer” or “Climate Designer” (whichever you prefer to call it).

“Good design creates legitimacy.”

See to me, a designers’ power lies in helping make things work better for people by creating brand awareness, credibility, recognition, trust, and value to the business’s products/services. This is incredibly important when it comes to empowering eco-conscious organizations since they typically don’t have as established brands as some of the big environmentally-destructive companies. But as a Green Designer, I can help visually represent these companies so they stand out as trustworthy, professional, and empowering. Good design creates legitimacy. And the more planet-friendly businesses we can bring to the forefront the better. Consumers won’t be able to change their ways without access to companies who do better. 

How I’m Doing This

The best ways I’ve found on how a designer can help save the planet are: 

  • Empowering eco-conscious businesses and helping them stand out
  • Encourage and inform my clients on eco-friendly alternatives for their business needs
  • Help my climate-positive clients do their work more effectively with the solutions I can provide them
  • Help spread relevant climate change information
  • Inspire positive change by visually breaking down complex climate topics
  • Ensure my own business commits to sustainability practices (printing, energy usage)

These are just some of the ways I feel a designer can help. Because climate change is real and happening now. As said by One Percent For The Planet, “Saving the planet – its oceans, species and lands – does not happen somewhere far away or by someone else. It happens here, now, together.”