Why I Chose a Studio Name Over My Name

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I wanted to be very intentional starting my company, I knew that running my own branding company was what I wanted to do and so I wanted to make sure to start it off right.

1 | First Step: Research

Therefore, a lot of research and thought went into how I wanted to start my company. Many designers typically will start out freelancing under their first and last name, and while this is a perfectly acceptable option, it does come with some possible setbacks regarding future endeavors. I’ve heard and read from a lot of designers that this method of freelancing under their name does present some limitations in regards to the future of their company and can prove difficult if you have a complicated name, or clients can make a judgment about you regarding your name before ever getting a chance to see your work.

2 | Second: Think About Your Future

So I decided that for what I wanted for my brand and company in the future, it would be more beneficial for me to start work under an official studio name instead of just my first name. This also gives me the ideal opportunity to lay down the groundwork for my future business and it also allows me the opportunity to expand if I need to.

3 | Do What Is Right For You

Overall this seemed like the best option for me, but what works for me may not be what works for you so always remember that not everyone’s processes are the same and we all have our own ways of approaching things. So if you’re in the position where you are debating on how you’d like to approach establishing your own company, I’d recommend researching all you can and really sitting down with yourself to nail down your intentions and aspirations for your company so you can make the right decision for YOU.

Good luck out there!